Friday, April 27, 2012

Fun, Green, Earth-Friendly, Kid Approved Activities

In celebration of earth month I have been researching some fun kid-friendly activities I can do with my son.  Here, I’ve found some great activities that are both educational and entertaining.  Who said going green had to be boring?
ü  Get Digging:  Help your child learn about gardening by helping them plant some fruit and veggie seeds.  Give them the responsibility of watering them every day.  This not only teaches responsibility, but you’ll get some great healthy snacks too!

ü  Campout in the backyard:  My husband and son are talking about doing this come summer.  Have a little party and set up an eco-friendly tent and some other fun green camping gear right in your own yard.

ü  Host a recycling drive in your community:  This can show children the impact of recycling on a much larger scale.  Host the drive at a local school or church.  You could even pass flyers out in the neighborhood and have the neighbors leave their recycle out at the curbside for pick-up.  Encourage the children to sort all of the collected materials. 

ü  Visit an organic orchard or farm:  One way of going green is concentrating on sustainable living and the growth of crops without pesticides.  Most kids realize food comes from the grocery store but they may not understand how it gets there to begin with.  Taking your child to the orchard or farm shows them how the crops are grown and how this process is beneficial to the Earth.  Encourage your children to ask questions!

ü  Make going green a game:  One huge step in going green is reducing your energy savings.  With kids, it can be very hard to keep your costs down.  Show your children simple ways to save energy but turning off the lights or even the TV when they aren’t in the room and offer them a reward when they remember! 

ü  Plant a tree:  This is a fun family activity that you can continue throughout the year.  After planting, have your child keep track of the growth of the tree every month so they can fully understand how long it takes a tree to grow.  You could also take a picture of your children around the tree to see who grows more!

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