Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life......Take Two!

Hello and welcome to my blog!  I have been inspired to start this blog to document my new journeys as a SAHM. 

A little about me…..I am a Mommy to two wonderful children.  Ethan and Madison.  Ethan is 5 going on 25.  We are at that stage now where he knows everything and Mommy and Daddy are wrong.  Ahhhh fun!  Madison is 3 months.  She’s already got a heck of a personality making everyone laugh every day.  These kids are my world.  They are the reason I decided to take the plunge and leave my 9-5 job to stay home with them. 

These last few months have really left me simply unable to identify even my own thoughts.  It was the never-ending stress of work, the struggles Ethan was having adjusting to kindergarten and a new sister, the struggles of school (I’m getting my psychology degree….it’s a slow process), even the struggles of adjusting to having 2 children.  All these struggles left me feeling that something had to give.  Hence the reason I’m now devoting my life to my children and their wellbeing. 

So enough about all that and on to some fun news!  For those of you who know me, you know that I’m a lover of things that are natural and organic.  You also know I can’t sit still for 2 minutes!  So with that being said, I needed something fun and exciting to do now that I’m home.  I have decided to sign on to be a Shaklee distributor!  Shaklee is the number one natural nutrition company in the United States.  They have been in business for over 50 years.  What I love about Shaklee is their mission.  Their mission is to provide a healthier life for everyone and a better life for anyone.  Their products are always safe, green, and you know they work!

 Shaklee’s line includes vitamins, skincare, cleaning products, a weight loss plan, a children’s and baby line, and a ton more!  I got hooked when I tried their Get Clean line of cleaning products.  Everything is safe, super concentrated, and lasts forever!  I’ll be teaching you about all of these products as the blog progresses, so hold on tight!

This blog will serve multiple purposes.  First, it will highlight my trials and tribulations of learning how to do this “stay at home Mommy” thing.  That in itself will be quite interesting!  Second, I want this to be a place that Mommy’s can link up and talk about all the fun things we like to do with our kids….recipes, games, learning activities, etc, and third, this will be a place to learn how to live happy and HEALTHY! 

I hope you’ll join me as I start this new journey and stick around because I’m sure it will get quite interesting!  J


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