Monday, February 4, 2013

Hello and Happy Monday!

Ahhh Monday already! Did you have a good weekend? We celebrated my daughter Madison’s first birthday on Saturday and then Sunday we just hung around the house and watched the Superbowl.

Today, I thought I’d share with you some pictures from her birthday party. When I first started researching her party, I decided to do a rainbow theme. Madison is a very happy little girl. Always smiling and laughing. If she cries, something is seriously wrong. I consider myself very blessed seeing with my son, we spent months and months walking up and down the hallway in our house trying to comfort him from his awful colic he had. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air seeing such a happy baby. So the rainbow theme was perfect for her because she has such a bright and cheerful personality.

I’m a bit of a simple person when it comes to birthday parties. When I was growing up, birthday parties consisted of a family gathering with pizza and cake and a few presents. I still carry on that tradition today. I definitely do not have the extravagant parties that I sometimes see on Pinterest and such with the magicians, clowns, and a petting zoo for a first birthday. I personally think that’s a bit too much but again, that’s just my opinion. So for Madison’s party, we had a rainbow cake made, had a bunch of colorful balloons, fried chicken and all the fixings, and a bunch of laughs. It was a really good time.

Here’s some pictures from her party!…..




What kind of parties do you have for your kids?

Hope you have a great day!


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