Thursday, February 7, 2013

Home DIY Project List – 2013

Now that tax season is upon us, my husband Mark and I have been discussing things around the house that needs taking care of or upgrading. We are always talking about / daydreaming about what needs to be done but this year we are going to take some action. We have been in our current house for almost 9 years and there are things that have needed to be done from that long ago. There was always something that held us back. Not this year!

DIY project list

Here’s our list!

  • Paint the kitchen, living room, and upstairs hallway (Has never been painted since we’ve lived here! Yikes!)
  • Replace living room picture window
  • Cut down the tree in our front yard (The poor tree is starting to become a bit of a hazard!)
  • Cap the upstairs fireplace
  • Install a pellet stove
  • Install a dishwasher
  • Get a new fridge
  • Make more use of our finished basement
    • Create an area for our kids to play
    • Make an office / craft space for myself
  • Paint the garage floor
  • Power wash the outside of the house
  • Refinish and paint our deck

I’m sure I forgot something but this is a pretty good idea of what we’d like to do this year. It might not all happen but it’s our goal!

Do you have any special projects you’ll be working on this year?

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