Monday, February 11, 2013

Snow Days…..

Good Monday morning!  How was your weekend?  We spent our weekend shoveling 30+ inches of snow that came to CT.  It’s been very interesting!  I can honestly say that every time I heard the name “Nemo” that I would think of the cute little clown fish in one of my son’s favorite movies but now, I’ll think of the body aches and frozen fingers we have from shoveling snow!  Haha!  I’ll be happy when things get back to normal around here.  Schools are still closed again today and I’m pretty sure they probably won’t be in school tomorrow either.   My city is running out of places to put all this snow!  The street I live on is down to one lane and I’ll be meeting my mail truck outside probably until July because I still have yet to find my mailbox!  Let’s just say I’ll be happy when spring comes….

Today, I thought I’d share with you some pictures from our snowy weekend.


This picture was outside my door the next morning.  Most of the snow fell in the overnight hours so when daylight came it was like we stepped out onto a set of a really bad movie!  Haha!  I literally had to push the snow with my front door to just get out. 


My car was completely gone.  I drive a little Mitsubishi Eclipse.  Next to the Eclipse is my husband’s Jeep which was also buried but we could still see a little bit of the hood of his car due to the snow drifts.  Crazy!


Ethan absolutely LOVED the snow!  In his short 6 years of life so far this is the most snow he’s seen.  We’ve had some pretty mild winters in the last few years so he thought this was amazing!  My husband and I were not too impressed though…. Smile  Ethan is still standing on the front steps.  The snow was up to his chest!


Eventually after a ton of digging…..We found my poor car!


Here’s Ethan standing in the path we dug out to get to the driveway.  It’s literally up to his shoulders!  He loved pretending that he was swimming in the snow. 


As the snow began to pile up, Ethan loved to climb the snow mountains.  He couldn’t believe how tall they were….He was very excited that he was able to touch the top of the lamp post in our front yard! 


So needless to say, it was a very interesting weekend!  Did you have any snow where you live?

Stay tuned tomorrow for the yummy soup recipe I made during the storm!

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