Friday, November 16, 2012

How to Have Fun with your Kids While Travelling on Business Trips

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week and are getting ready for a fun filled weekend! Today, I thought I’d share with you the spontaneous idea my husband came up with when he went on his recent business trip. This is a great idea for really anyone who has to go away and leave the kids for a while!


Recently my husband Mark took a trip to a science conference in Minnesota. Planning the trip was relatively simple except for the part about breaking the news to our son Ethan. Ethan knew that Daddy was going on a trip but I really don’t think he grasped the duration that he would be gone for. Shortly before Mark left, Ethan grabbed a piece of an art project he used at school. This picture of him on a Popsicle stick was given to Mark so that Daddy wouldn’t forget Ethan. The picture was very cute. Mark stuffed it in his bag and promised Ethan that he would carry it with him everywhere. The day of the trip Mark apparently got inspired. He texted me saying that he had a great idea and to show Ethan a picture he was about to send. Needless to say, Mark took a picture of Ethan’s face next to places that he went. While sitting at the airport he sent a picture of Ethan next to a plane. Ethan was ecstatic.

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This triggered a great adventure for Ethan to go on a trip with Daddy.
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The best part about this whole idea was instead of hearing when is Daddy coming home I heard where is Daddy bringing me next. It gave Ethan something to look forward to every night and every morning. The nice part for Mark was that it was easy to do. The picture was small enough to carry in his pocket and everyone that asked Mark what he was doing said that was a fantastic idea. Phone calls, video chats, and text messages are great to keep in contact with family. Going that little extra distance to make your kids feel like they are always with you can help put a smile on their face from miles away!

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Have a great weekend everyone!!


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