Friday, May 4, 2012

Our Top Ten Favorite Educational Apps for Kids

If there is one thing you’ll begin to know about me is that I like things that are fun, easy, educational, and cheap!  Not necessarily in that order, but you get the drift. 
With all of the technology and apps out there for kids I don’t feel as though I need to pay $3.99+ for a children’s app particularly when there are tons and tons of free or close to free apps out there. 
Now, my son Ethan, and I’ll go ahead and assume most kids, love to play Angry Birds (Just admit it!), but Ethan is also really attracted to a number of fun learning educational apps as well. 

Here, we list our favorites!

1)     Stack the Countries – Ethan uses this app in school.  If the children are behaving they are rewarded with a few minutes playing the I Pad.  Kids learn capitals of different countries, landmarks, and geography. 

2)     ABC Pocket Phonics – Very simple app.  Teaches children letter sounds and writing.  One of my favorites!

3)     Math Bingo – The object of this game is to correctly answer math problems bingo style!  You can choose from Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. 

4)     K-3 Sight Words – Flashcard style sight words ranging from Pre-K through Third grade.  Ethan got a ton of practice using this app.  I noticed an increase in his knowledge of his sight words with just a few tries.  A+ in my book. 

5)     Coloring – This fun app has a ton of pictures that you can color and the best part is they can be saved for sharing or wallpaper. 

6)     Stack the States – This is another game that Ethan uses in school.  This one happens to be Ethan’s favorite.  Same concept as Stack the Countries, except the kids learn about state capitals, shapes, and geography in the U.S. 

7)     Rocket Math – A total winner in my eyes!  Kids go on space missions while solving math problems.  I’ve even been caught a time or two playing this one!

8)     I Like Books – This app has 37 different pictures books that are great for children just learning how to read.  The app can read to you and highlight the individual words while reading so that kids can follow along!

9)     Sky View – This app uses your phone’s camera.  Point it towards the sky and the app highlights different stars and planets.  It reminds me of a virtual telescope!

10) I Write Words – Your children will learn handwriting while playing a fun number game.  This kept Ethan occupied for quite a while.

All of these games were free or no more than $1.99.  I like to use them as rewards when Ethan is behaving or when we are out and about and I need to keep Ethan occupied.  Have fun!

** Stay tuned tomorrow for my family’s guacamole recipe in celebration of Cinco de Mayo!


  1. Love this! I am always looking for new apps for my girls to play on my phone. :)

    This post will be featured on my blog, later this evening. :)

  2. Thanks Katy for the kind words and the feature! My son's favorite one is Stack the States. Ever since we downloaded it he asks to play it all the time! I have to admit I like it too! LOL! Have a great night! :-)